Garden retrospective: August 2014

By August, the perennial garden starts to look a little tired. This summer has provided wonderful vacation weather, a long series of sunny days with low humidity and temperatures in the comfortable 70s and 80s. The plants have different requirements, however, namely rain, which has been scarce. I haven’t been able to spend hours watering every bed, so I’m glad that I generally use plants that thrive on benign neglect.

Here are two views of the west side bed, messy as usual but still showing some color. That yellow coreopsis is too close to the flagstone path (not visible in the picture) and I’ll have to move it. Plants often grow bigger than I envision them and end up flopping or sprawling in inconvenient places.


The cleome is from seeds that my friend Elisa gave me. I’m hoping it seeds itself and comes back next year. The purple basil from Kathy keeps on keepin’ on.


I did manage to water the Buddha garden just enough over the course of the summer. The heather is much happier than it was back in February. I have a spot in front that I plant with annuals, but it’s a difficult place because it’s dry shade. I’m trying out my old standys, begonias and coleus, but even they struggle here.

The wild turkeys paid us a visit, much to Stella’s delight.



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