Garden retrospective: June 2014

June is the peak bloom season, when the freshness of early spring is still with us and summer is asserting itself. Abundent beauty arrives without effort.

Hostas are up and the primroses are blooming. The primroses spread vigorously, but are not difficult to keep in check because they spread by shallow running roots that are easy to pull up. I value them because their blooms are long lasting and they don’t look too horrible after the blooms have faded. In fact, their leaves turn an attractive red in the fall.

primroses_june_21_1Peonies are the queen of the garden. The blooms rarely last longer than a few days, but what days they are, laden with scent and lush, silky petals.


The sharp contast between the seasons is one of the things I love about New England. The long harsh winter really affected me this year, producing an almost ecstatic response to the advent of spring and summer. That’s probably why I made a point to take the time to watch the sunset on the solstice. The light was magical.

blue_sunset_juneFor a few minutes, the light painted gold on eeverything.


And then, the climax. Without the clouds, it would have been tame. With them, it was sublime.




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