Iced spring

Icy snow rattled down overnight, making a racket and coating the garden with a frozen crust. ┬áIt soon melted off, although the temperature didn’t rise much above 45. So I had a brisk walk in my winter coat, which I always prefer to being overheated.

Despite the turn back towards chilly air, spring has fully arrived, and it couldn’t be more welcome. The lilac buds are swelling.

lilacThis is year four of my asparagus bed, and I’ve been checking greedily every day. These came up in less than 48 hours.

asparagus_1asparagus_2One was broken off, and I ate it raw. I prefer asparagus cooked, but this spear was so tender and fresh it was quite palatable.

This cedar, which has such dignity, came through the winter in fine shape.

cedarFinally, I had been thinking the heather was too battered to flower this year. These guys usually flower in February, but for all of that month and all of March, they only had some shriveled looking buds. I kept expecting them to dry up and fall off without opening. But they finally did open. Not the most spectacular year for the heather, but I’m glad to see them. I’ll try to give these plants some TLC this spring.




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