Mossy, lichen-y love

New England is a great place for mossy rocks. So common here that we scarcely notice them, I am told they are sometimes imported at great expense to regions with a less fortunate geology, history, and climate. (Yes, I know that lots of other places are very nice, but I am an unapologetic lover of my home state. Massachusetts is simply the best place in the world, IMO.)

If you’ve ever been curious about the stone walls you see everywhere, including in the middle of the woods, I recommend this FAQ from the Stone Wall Initiative at UConn.¬† is another good place to learn a little more about the stone walls of Massachusetts.

Mossy, lichen-y rocks are especially beautiful on a cloudy day, after some rain, when their subtle colors show up best. This one, on my walk circuit, is surrounded during the growing season by some modest plantings that do not detract from its status as the main ornament.

This wall, also on my daily walk, is especially gnarly.

This moss is partying, making spores. I don’t think it always has that tiny forest growing out of the top.

I couldn’t resist including this moss, which is not from my daily walk, but seen last week on a beach in Rhode Island. I promise, I did not tweak the color at all. It almost made my eyeballs jump out of my head.

On the same beach there was some shaggy moss, too. Or maybe this is seaweed?

If you really fall in love with moss, you can encourage and control its growth. Go ahead, create some moss graffiti.

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