Primroses and pussycat

Although I didn’t walk today, I spent it in the garden, carrying bags of mulch and digging holes, so I feel that is a decent substitute for a daily walk.

After a few days out of town, it feels good to get back into my garden and take care of a few little chores. One thing I do quite regularly is move plants around. In a 15 year old garden, that’s the main job in the perennial flower beds: moving and sometimes dividing┬áplants that have started crowding each other so that their arrangment is no longer pleasing or even healthy for them.

I am very grateful that we have managed to create a tiny slice of paradise on a suburban plot of land just a few yards from a busy street.

View from my bedroom window, facing west.

Primroses and pussycat

East view from my office.

Heuchera and ferns

My little cement Buddha statue was getting buried under the heather, so I bought a cobblestone for him to sit on. This is the view from the south-facing bedroom window. That’s a Frances Williams hosta, a beautiful classic. I just planted a bit more White Nancy (dead nettle) because the first clump is doing well and I love its ability to shine in the shade.

Buddha gets a seat.

I need to repot some of the plants in containers around the water feature. I think I want all the blue fescue in one pot, all the petunias in another, rather than mixed as they are now. We’ll see how that works out.

Due for a makeover.

Update: Makeover accomplished. I think it does look better. What do you think?

Same plants, rearranged.


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