If I recall correctly, this tree, which I pass at about the halfway point in my circuit, is an apple that blooms gloriously, so I’m keeping an eye on it.

Forsythia is such a cliché of spring in New England, but there’s a good reason for that. Forsythia catches the light and celebrates the sun best of all. The ornamental trees and bushes that bloom in May and June are almost all pink and white, which is sweet, but the clear yellow is invigorating.

These bushes are planted on top of a retaining wall, so I look up at them as I walk by, and get to see the exciting combination of pure yellow and pure sky blue, moderated by a more temperate evergreen.

I like forsythia that are not too tightly pruned. You have to whack them back now and then or they will take over the world, but there’s no need to turn them into lollipops. These people have the right idea.

Now here’s a pink that made me smile for the way it matches the shutters on the house!

It might be cheating, but my walk does begin and end in my garden, so I get to include my first asparagus. I planted the bed last year and am very tempted to harvest a few spears this spring, although all the advice says to wait at least two or three years. I might just pick a few, if they look very vigorous and productive.

An entry in the Daily Walk Project.

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  1. I enjoyed taking your walk with you and seeing spring through your eyes. Congratulations on your asparagus–ah go ahead, pick a couple of stalks!–ra

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